COSL Gets New 12-Streamer Seismic Vessel


COSL announced recently that its newly-built 12-streamer seismic vessel “Hai Yang Shi You 721″ has been successfully delivered in Shanghai. The vessel will be put into operation after completion of tests for its geophysics equipment.

Hai Yang Shi You 721, the second major seismic vessel invested by COSL, is capable of driving 12 streamers for seismic exploration, each streamer of 8,000 meters in length. It can conduct high-density seismic data collection at a maximum intensity of up to 3000PSI.

Equipped with a new generation seismic data collection system, an integrated navigation system, a lateral streamer control system, a complete geophysical mechanical remote control system and an advanced diesel-electric propulsion system, Hai Yang Shi You 721 is able to deliver high efficiency and premium seismic data collection quality at lower fuel consumption, and perform steadier and quieter operation.

Hai Yang Shi You 720, another vessel of the same model, has achieved good results and hit a number of new records for COSL’s data collection operations after its delivery in May 2011.



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