Consider a Diving Career


Energy production is a booming industry with a vast pool of manpower requirement including commercial diving. In the near future, renewables sector will most likely demand for additional workforce. Considering a diving career path is not for the weak of heart though. It requires an individual to be physically fit, confident and determined to undergo several courses and training in order to be a certified commercial diver.

The oil and gas industry needs several professionals in order to be productive and for their massive infrastructure’s regular maintenance. Personnel such as ROV pilots, divers, engineers, tenders and Life Support Technicians to name a few, play a significant role for the energy sector to thrive.

If a diver prefers to be near home, he/she can get inland diving jobs. Inland diving also serves as a stepping stone to gain experience. But most of the divers opt for offshore assignments because it has a higher pay rate. Offshore diving can be adventurous and at the same time financially rewarding. Not to mention the “office” being BIG and BLUE.

Getting a job in the diving industry or any other division for that matter is not a piece of cake. One must have as much certification as he can get in order to have an edge in this competitive world and entice potential employers.

Commercial diving is one of the most crucial and rewarding positions in terms of offshore work.  Divers can be deployed anywhere in the world and explore a whole new environment.  Be it in the North Sea, the Atlantic, Indian Ocean or Africa, you name it and diving jobs will take you to it.





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