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What certifications are received upon completion of the course?
Upon completion of the course graduates will receive:

  •  ADCI Entry level Tender/Diver Certification (Association of Diving Contractors International). This certification is necessary in order for graduates to work commercial diving in the United States, but it is not accepted in all other countries.
  • DCBC (Diver Certification Board of Canada) International Restricted Surface Supplied Diver Certification.  This certification is accepted world-wide.
  • DSI Dive Lab (Dive Systems International) Superlite Helmet Maintenance Technician certification
  • TDI  Nitrox I
  • TDI Advanced Nitrox
  • PADI and TDI Nitrox Gas Blender
  • American Red Cross: O2 Provider
  • American Heart Association: Emergency First Responder
    • CPR
    • First Aid

In order to work in Canada, England, Norway, Australia, South Africa and many other areas of the world; you need the DCBC certification. The DCBC Restricted Certification is also accepted by IMCA; International Marine Contractors Association. Both of these certifications are offered here at Minnesota Commercial Diver Training Center. An item of interest is that MCDTC is one of five commercial diver training facilities that offer the DCBC certification.

What is the normal class size?

MCDTC’s goal is to provide students with the best training in the quickest amount of time possible. That’s why class sizes are limited to 12 students per course. This allows students to have a lot of personal attention from their instructors, a lot more time in the water, and to better understand and grasp the properties of commercial diving.


Where is the training conducted?

The MCDTC resides in the heart of MN; the land of 10,000 lakes. Most of the dive training will be done in the Cuyuna Mine Pits in Crosby/Ironton and in the Mississippi River. There’s also a 14ft deep training tank inside the school where students will first learn the proper use of equipment and protocol, etc.


How long is the course? 

The course is eleven weeks long with students attending class Monday – Saturday from 8 – 6pm (10 hours a day). The schedule for this year is available on the Home page.


Are there any prerequisites for the course? 

  • Students must be at least 18 years of age (by the first day of class)
  • Have a high school diploma or GED (equivalence)
  • Proof of SCUBA certification (ie Open Water certification)


Is there any financial aid available? 

Students accepted into the course are able to apply for a SELF LOAN from the state of Minnesota. The maximum loan amount is limited to $7500. Applications are available by contacting us (1-800-216-5521).


Students have the option to register for this course through Brainerd’s community college, Central Lakes College, for elective credits. Student aid and grants may be possible through this option, but will most likely only cover CLC’s expenses. Also, registering for this course through CLC will make the tuition more expensive. Students may contact the college to find out more about what they have to offer by calling (829) 855-8000. Please keep in mind that if a student wishes to register for this course at CLC they must FIRST register for the course period they want to be in with MCDTC.








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