Commercial Saturation Diver Training and ROV Training Alliance

DIT Institution

The Divers Institute of Technology (DIT), Seattle Washington and the Underwater Centre in Fort William, Scotland have formed an alliance to provide American and Canadian divers the opportunity to advance their careers in the global subsea market.

The Underwater Centre offers Divers Institute of Technology graduates the opportunity to complete their saturation diver training at their Fort William facility, allowing students to work to unlimited depths using oxygen and helium mixtures (mixed gas) and saturation techniques. The Centre’s three-week training in a working saturation dive chamber with numerous bell bounces in a tidal environment, gives the student real-life experience of saturation diving.

In addition to the saturation and mixed gas diver training, the alliance offers the Underwater Centre’s ROV pilot technician training.

Prior to the alliance, there was nowhere in the United States that offered the Closed Bell training required to obtain the prestigious, internationally recognized saturation diving certificate. DIT can now offer American and Canadian subsea workers access to certification and training that will provide additional employment opportunities.







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