Commercial Diving Regulations


Just like any industry that involves hazardous working environment, choosing a career in commercial diving entails compliance to regulations implemented by particular agencies to ensure that safety is given utmost priority. The Diving at Work Regulations (DWR) of 1997 does not only cover the commercial divers performing the job but also applies to their employers.

The DWR states that a commercial diver is responsible for having industry approved qualifications, certification of being physically fit and competence to complete assignments safely prior to undertaking dive jobs.

In the UK, the Health and Safety Executive is the regulatory body that process approvals for diving qualifications. Different diving projects call for different approved qualifications as per HSE. Dive works include the following:

  • Offshore diving, oil and gas industry
  • Inland diving
  • Scientific diving
  • Media diving
  • Police diving
  • HAZMAT Diving

A comprehensive list for these various qualifications can be found here.

HSE regularly assess diving competences for the following skills:

  • SCUBA Diving
  • Surface Supplied Diving
  • Surface Supplied Top Up Diving and;
  • Close Bell Diving

If a candidate was refused to be given qualification despite completing the program, he/she has 28 days to make an appeal so that the agency can review the assessment.





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