Commercial Diving Employer Responsibilities


It is imperative that diver safety and equipment safety be a top priority for companies that employ commercial divers in order to prevent commercial diving accidents from occurring.  Unfortunately, divers often receive different levels of safety training based on their employers and the type and scope of the work they are involved in.  While training requirements for certain types of divers including scientific divers, public safety divers, military divers, and nuclear divers are strenuous and thorough;  requirements for other types of jobs such as salvage divers, hull scrubbers and seafood divers are not the same and sometimes, in the worst cases, non-existent.

Although there are OSHA regulations on driver training, qualifications and safety, some companies do not follow these OSHA regulations and often, as a result, commercial divers are injured or sometimes even killed.

When unqualified divers, without the proper certification and training, are allowed to dive accidents happen.  Often companies will try to cut corners to increase the size of their diving crews for certain jobs by hiring improperly qualified divers.  This is unacceptable, and creates an unsafe work environment for other divers on their crews.

Lack of proper safety training, as well as, failure to properly maintain equipment in any type of commercial diving job can be disastrous.  This is why employers of all types of commercial divers should be responsible for making sure their employees are properly trained professionals regardless of the scope and type of diving the employees are involved in.

Diving companies have a responsibility to their employees when it comes to safety and equipment.  Employers are responsible for making sure their employees are properly trained to use the diving equipment associated with their work duties in a safe manner.  They are also responsible for proper maintenance and care of diving equipment used by their employees.  Further, diving companies should maintain thorough records of the maintenance and testing performed on all of their equipment.  Commercial divers should be aware of the way their employer maintains its equipment and aware of the level of training they receive from employers.  Commercial diving is a dangerous occupation, but proper safety training and proper equipment maintenance can prevent most diving accidents.

Even if commercial diving employers follow proper safety protocol, some diving accidents may still occur as a result of manufacturer’s negligence in manufacturing or altering diving equipment.  Manufacturers may be held responsible for diving accidents, as well as, commercial diving employers.

The attorneys at Cueria Law Firm, L.L.C., are qualified to help if you have been injured in a commercial diving accident.  We can investigate your accident and determine who is at fault.  It is your employer’s responsibility to follow diving regulations and maintain a safe work environment for commercial divers and it is the manufacturer’s duty to make sure the diving equipment it manufactures is safe and free of defect when it is placed into the stream of commerce.  If you believe you have a claim for compensation please give us a call at 504-684-5463.








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