Commercial Diver Shortage in Asia Pacific


Malaysian-based Samsian Solution & Services is in collaboration agreement with The Underwater Centre to train 21 selected individuals to undergo a three-month commercial diving training period. This program is for the purpose of addressing the current lack of commercial divers particularly in the South East Asia region.

The candidates are currently undertaking the Standard Commercial Diving Training Package program by The Underwater Centre. It is essential for them to complete 3 Australian Diving Accreditation Scheme (ADAS) certifications in order to work as offshore/onshore commercial divers.

The first part of training will be SCUBA diving up to 30 meters deep and familiarization with the equipment and hand-tools used in underwater operations such as surveys, inspection and rescue. The second part will focus on Surface Supplied diving, usage of hydraulic powered tools, salvage and subsea welding. The third ADAS certification part will be diving up to 50 meters deep, utilization of chambers, decompression diving and other more advanced underwater tasks.

According to Jamie Tham of the Samsian Solutions & Services, “Before being chosen to take up the training, each of the candidates must carry out a range of assessments and physical tests.  They must also demonstrate their passion for being an ADAS-accredited diver and the work that will entail. The Underwater Centre has an excellent reputation in the industry and we have found the team of staff and instructors there to be very helpful. Commercial diving is a skill that is currently in high demand within our local industry, and most of the candidates will be able to secure a job with oil and gas contractors once they have completed the training.  We will help them secure job placements within the industry.”

Based on the latest evaluation of the centre’s manager Herb Mitton, “The men are performing very well with a good level of theoretical knowledge and in-water prowess being displayed by them all.  This has also been the case with regards to their attitude shown toward their training and tasks, and they are working very well as a team, learning the skills they will need in the real world. The ADAS guidelines and competencies we train and assess under are realistic, achievable with effort and hard work, and are exactly tailored to industry requirements.  We very much expect our students to earn their qualifications.”

The Underwater Centre has been providing dive training and certification in the Asia Pacific region since 1996.




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