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Schools, and what to expect after you’re done.

 So… You Want to be a Commercial Diver? Compliments of & used with permission from the former N.A.O.C.D., this page gave a list of schools, as well as a good idea of what to expect while working in the field. Covers Offshore & inland diving. Though somewhat dated, it still provides VERY useful information.

 The Wet Page Gives an insider’s views & opinions of schools & the offshore industry.  

 Bill Cunningham Has a unique informative page on commercial diving. Well worth a look.

Young Memorial, a Louisiana State Technical College is the one that I recommend as it is the one that gives the most bang for the buck. The ”Big Five” schools are excellent training facilities, but just can’t compete cost wise with a state run institution. Why pay $10,000 – $15,000 more for extras that you’ll get on the job training for, while getting paid to boot?

Be warned that some dive school salesmen are downright dishonest.

I’ve seen classes that have had a 100% attrition rate. After 1 year, NONE of the students were working in the field.

 The National Highway Institute gives bridge inspection courses at various locations around the country. The cost is about $500. Check this link for a list of courses for Safety Inspection of In-Service Bridges

Where do I look for a job, and how much will I make?

Most schools have placement offices, and many students with multiple skills will get offers before leaving the school if the industry is booming. When working offshore, expect to make $5.50-$8.00/hour for the first 1-1/2 to 3 years. After you break out, the rate goes to about $10.00-$15.00/hour. Depth & saturation pay is the only way to make decent money. They won’t let you do any sat or deep work when you get past 40 years old. Diving inland will get you in the water in under a month, with higher pay, depending on location. Look for a union (Carpenters/Piledrivers) outfit.
Some companies will NOT hire women.

Commercial Diving Pay Rates Current pay rates for divers and ROV operators. Updated frequently.

Employment Listings Post & View Employment Ads for the Commercial & Sport Diving Industry.

The Utility Page  at my web site has a collection of links for searching and posting work ads on the Internet.

The Association of Diving Contractors  has a members list that you can search.

The Commercial Diving Directory  has a list of U.S. and overseas companies.

Where can I find dive gear?

The Utility Page  at my web site is a place to look for Internet postings.

Jack Vilas & Associates  in Morgan City, Louisiana is handy if you’re going to Young Memorial.

TRITON MARINE , A high volume Viking Drysuit dealer, normally catering to government agencies. Ask for a suit quote, they WILL sell to individuals at “lots of ten” prices.

Divers Supply , Inc. in New Orleans (tell Robbie I say ”HI”), and  Aqua Air Industries Inc.  in Harvey, Louisiana (ask for Stacy Cruze) are also places to look, being well established with friendly helpful people.

Diamond Radio & Repair Diver’s communications, repair & manufacture. Air radio & helium descrambler repair, new manufacture of radios & basic video systems.






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