CLP Power Gets Nod to Install Two Submarine Cables Off Hong Kong


The Hong Kong Government proposes to allow CLP Power Hong Kong Limited (CLP Power) to install two submarine cables of about 880 metres in length and 150 millimetres in diameter within an area of approximately 1.58 hectares of foreshore and seabed from Liu Ko Ngam to Pak Sha Tau Tsui at Kat O.

Currently, there is only one 11 kilovolt submarine cable laid from Liu Ko Ngam to Kat O at Tsing Chau Lek. It has been used for more than 30 years and was found to be deteriorating. CLP Power proposes to lay two new 11kV submarine cables to enhance the stabilty of power supply to Kat O.

The proposed submarine cables will be buried at a depth of 2.9m to 5m below the seabed and approximately 30 metres apart, mainly by the jetting method.

In shallow water areas near the landing points, conventional dredge-burial and rock cutting methods will be used to bury the cables in a common trench approximately 8m in width and at a depth of 0.6m to 0.8m below the seabed.

The cables will not be more than 2.2m apart. In addition, a precast concrete slab and cast iron sleeve pipes will be installed to protect the submarine cables in shallow water areas. No underwater blasting or chemicals will be used in the proposed works.

The proposed works are scheduled to commence in October 2014 and to complete by April 2015.



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