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Members of the Ottawa Police Services (OPS) – Marine, Dive and Trails Unit must train and maintain their commercial diver certification on a yearly basis. This year they have signed up and participated for the fifth time in underwater cleanup of Rideau Canal conducted by Vancouver Aquarium and WWF and presented by Loblaw Companies Limited. The Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup is a conservation project that aims to encourage citizen’s awareness regarding littering problems.

Usual everyday items such as food wrappers, plastics and cigarette butts are the most commonly found trash along the shoreline. Some of the items they discover are shopping carts, barricades, bicycles, beer bottles and rusty metal pieces that are hazardous to swimmers. Much to their surprise, items like disco balls, kitchen sinks and even wedding gowns are being recovered during the cleanup.

This not limited to authorities and divers alone. People from all walks of like are welcome to sign up and be part of this community effort to protect the environment. The association has already registered nearly 2000 sites and more than 50,000 participants that helped clean approximately 3,000 kilometers of shoreline.

The OPS Marine Dive & Trail Unit is often involved with underwater related tasks and they are fully aware how prevalent waterway littering is. This annual shoreline cleanup is a great way for them to provide assistance by diving into the water to remove trash that ordinary residents cannot reach.

People can sign up here


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