Ciena to Boost KJCN Submarine Link


The Korea-Japan Cable Network (KJCN) has selected Ciena for a 100G network upgrade.

This upgrade will allow KJCN to meet the needs of on-demand networking services and traffic growth driven by mobile broadband, cloud computing and HD video.

Ciena’s GeoMesh submarine solution will enable KJCN to increase the ultimate capacity of the cable system to 15 times of the original design capacity.

The KJCN network is owned by the global consortium of communications companies, including KT (Korea Telecom), SoftBank Mobile, QTNet (Kyushu Telecommunication Network) and others. KJCN is comprised of two 250 km repeater-less submarine cables with diverse routes connecting Korea and Japan. The KJCN network is used by traditional carrier customers, as well as web-scale operators and content delivery providers to transfer of a plethora of on-demand service and applications between Japan and South Korea.

KJCN has deployed Ciena’s 6500 Packet-Optical Platform, powered by WaveLogic coherent optics. Along with Ciena’s plug-and-play programmable network elements and 100G coherent technology, KJCN will utilize high-powered Raman amplification to enable very high capacity transmission over these long unrepeatered cable spans to increase the ultimate capacity of the system.

Additionally, Ciena’s OneControl Unified Management System together with the integrated test set capabilities of WaveLogic will provide end-to-end network management and visibility, helping KJCN to resolve issues proactively and maintain network availability.

“In today’s app-centric society, demands on the network are fluid and unpredictable. For submarine network operators like KJCN, our GeoMesh solution not only helps to increase the capacity of their systems, but provide network programmability so that they can quickly adapt to changing traffic and application demands,” says Ed McCormack, Vice President and General Manager of Submarine Systems, Ciena.


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