Cefas Endeavour Gets Equipment Boost


Cefas has purchased a new water sampling rosette and profiling system for mobilisation on RV Cefas Endeavour.

The profiling system will consist of the SBE-9 plus CTD unit (with redundant CT sensors built in) and SBE-11 plus deck unit. Cefas has additionally installed PAR (Photosynthetically active radiation), chlorophyll, turbidity and both optode and RINKO oxygen sensors in order to create a comprehensive profiling tool.

Dr Sian Limpenny, divisional director at Cefas, said: “Cefas have extensive experience of delivering a range of services to scientific, government and commercial customers alike, and the purchase of this new system demonstrates Cefas’ commitment to both maintaining and enhancing our world leading capability in marine science and technology.

In addition to the monitoring capability provided by RV Cefas Endeavour, Cefas offers a pool of scientific instrumentation including autonomous fixed and mobile platforms, allowing Cefas to retain important flexibility in the monitoring which it undertakes.”



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