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How to Become a Saturation Diver

March 21, 2016

Saturation diving, also known as mixed-gas diving, is the highest level of commercial diving, working in depths past 164 feet (50 meters). Saturation diving is intense work, dangerous and demanding, requiring physical and mental stamina, as well as extensive dive training. Saturation divers wear hot-water, breath a mixture of helium and oxygen, and descend to… Continue Reading »


Diving deep into danger

February 26, 2016

MARK Veal is literally seconds away from exploding into tiny pieces every time he goes to work. As a saturation diver, he spends month-long shifts cramped into high-pressure hyperbaric chambers with eight to 12 other men. He hasn’t been blown apart yet, obviously, but the threat is ever present. “Yeah, there’s a risk,” Mark, 41,… Continue Reading »


Thrust Maritime Supports SapuraAcergy’s Diving Ops Off Myanmar

February 19, 2016

Australian Thrust Maritime will provide Malaysian SapuraAcergy and their diving associated entity SapuraKencana Allied Marine with a remote hyperbaric recovery and reception capability for its latest gas project offshore Myanmar. SapuraAcergy will use Thrust Maritime’s technology to ensure the safe recovery of saturation divers in the event of a diving catastrophe on the Badamyar Low Compression… Continue Reading »


Commercial Diving – Saturation Diving

February 12, 2016

Often spoken of as the ‘holy grail’ of commercial diving. Any diving over the depth of 50 metres is the domain of saturation divers; Highly paid and deep sea divers. The likelihood of oxygen toxicity and narcosis increases for ordinary air divers at this level of pressure making operations using air a limitation for them…. Continue Reading »


What It’s Like To Be A Female Saturation Diver

January 6, 2016

I was 24 and living in Vieques, Puerto Rico, when I overheard Navy divers in a bar talking about $100,000-a-year incomes. I had no idea what commercial diving was, but I went ahead and signed up for a course with Ocean Corporation. On day one, the school owner gave a speech: “You are going to… Continue Reading »


Why Deep Saturation Diving Is Like Going to the Moon, and Beyond

August 13, 2015

This week, as the Space Shuttle is making its last circuits around our planet, I lament what has happened to our space program. Yet, I am reminded of another exploration program that has, like the shuttle and the moon programs, reached incredible milestones only to retreat to a less exotic but still impressive status. That other… Continue Reading »


Saturation Diving and Liquid Breathing

May 12, 2015

Commercial divers use surface supplied breathing apparatus to stay submerged underwater while performing their tasks. Aside from that, they would also bring air mix tanks for emergency purposes. Divers are not capable of staying underwater for a prolonged period of time due to the pressure level of the water that surrounds them which increases ten fold… Continue Reading »


IHC Air Dive Spread for Seascape Surveys

April 14, 2015

IHC Hytech, part of Royal IHC, is currently building a containerised air dive spread for Seascape Surveys, a subsea service provider in Indonesia. Seascape Surveys is part of the Mermaid Subsea Services Group. According to IHC, this system is fully ABS interim class certified and IMCA compliant. It consists of two containerized 1,600mm double lock… Continue Reading »

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