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Saturation Divers Working Under Pressure

January 12, 2016

Everyone faces a certain amount of pressure in their work. However, there’s workplace pressure and there’sreal pressure — the kind encountered hundreds of feet below the surface of an ocean or lake. When it’s your job to dive to those kinds of watery depths day after day, you learn what it takes to deal with… Continue Reading »


Divex Recognised for COBRA at Elevator Awards

July 3, 2015

As their new bailout rebreather COBRA nears availability, the team at Divex are recognised for their innovation at the annual Elevator Awards. COBRA (Compact Bailout Rebreathing Apparatus) is developed by the Divex design team in Aberdeen to respond to an urgent safety requirement in the world’s saturation diving industry. The system provides extended emergency breathing… Continue Reading »


Saturation Systems

June 30, 2015

Hyperbaric Chambers or Decompression Chambers are high pressured facilities used by commercial divers in performing diving assignments at great depths that require days to be completed. These enclosures are compact and pressurized to prevent divers from an illness called “the bends” that could be pose a threat to their lives. The more frequent divers decompress,… Continue Reading »


Saturation Dive Record: China Sets Depth of 330.2 Metres

February 15, 2015

Four divers with the Chinese navy have reached a depth of over 330 meters during a saturation dive effort, a technique involving a pressurized environment that allows for longer dives while reducing the risk of decompression sickness. The four entered a 19-cubic-meter cylinder on January 4th and pressure was slowly increased to the equivalent of… Continue Reading »

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