Caley’s Tensioners for Prysmian’s Cable Enterprise


Caley Ocean Systems has been awarded a contract by Prysmian Group via its subsidiary Powerlink Services Ltd to supply a number of tensioners for offshore power cable installation. The bespoke, high redundancy system will accommodate both cable and outsized bodies, allowing uninterrupted tensioning of the cable during deepwater installation.

With tension capacities up to 25 tonne, the three 8m tensioners are designed to operate in series to one another. Each standalone tensioner is fully containerised, with sea fastenings, and integral HPUs. For this project, Caley has introduced a number of new and innovative features, including fully compliant tracks that are able to pass the outsized bodies, many times larger than the cable, while maintaining an even contact pressure and outboard tension.

The tensioners will be installed onboard Prysmian cable installation vessel, Cable Enterprise, currently undergoing a major upgrade ahead of an intensive cable installation programme over the next two years. To accommodate environmental sensitivities during deepwater installation of power cables, Caley’s design team has developed the tensioner system with high redundancy levels throughout.

Gregor McPherson, sales director, Caley Ocean Systems, commented, “We are delighted to be awarded this latest contract with Prysmian, and continue a working relationship with Prysmian that, from a personal perspective, began over 25 years ago, while building the 7,000Te carousel in Glasgow, for Prysmian cable ship Giulio Verne.”



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