C-Innovation Boosts Its ROVs with Sonardyne SPRINT


C-Innovation, a provider of deepwater ROV services within the oil and gas sector, has placed an order for SPRINT Inertial Navigation Systems (INS) from Sonardyne International.

SPRINT is an acoustically aided inertial navigation system for subsea vehicles.

SPRINT has been fully integrated into UHD ROVs, FMC Technologies Schilling Robotics supplied to C-Innovation. Schilling Robotics took on the 18-months job to upgrade all (11) of C-Innovation’s first-generation UHD ROVs to increase offshore efficiency, available horsepower, reliability, and automated features for advanced project handling.

Malik Chibah, INS Group Manager at Sonardyne, said: “As a unique manufacturer of USBL, LBL and now DVL systems whose data outputs are required for aiding of the inertial navigation solution running inside SPRINT, we were pleased to work with C-Innovation and Schilling Robotics to provide an INS system to match the specific operational requirements of their UDH ROVs.

“This SPRINT integrated system will provide the best possible guidance and automatic station keeping capability for the UDH ROV seamlessly at any point in the water column from near surface, down to the seabed.”

Richard Bourque, General Manager of C-Innovation, said: “The capabilities of the Sprint INS system will allow for us to provide clients with more detailed information on installations, surveys and many other tasks we perform for subsea operations.”







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