Businesses Invited to Invest in Marine Renewable Energy to Help Power UK


Businesses across the south coast are being called upon to develop innovative technologies which will provide renewable energy for the UK.

More than 100 firms have been invited to an event on Thursday 26 June – to identify new methods and opportunities for harnessing the power of the English Channel/Manche. The conference, held at Butlin’s in Bognor Regis, has been organised by the University of Chichester to offer businesses an opportunity to break into the Marine Renewable Energy sector.

Dr Emma McKinley, from the institution’s School of Enterprise, Management, and Leadership, said that offshore wind, wave and tidal energy generation will play a significant part in the economy over the coming years.

She added: “This is a chance for small and medium-sized businesses to see what part they could play in this diverse sector. Innovative concepts are already emerging to address the challenges posed by energy generation, although many are technically immature, so it is difficult to predict what the future will be.

The event, which is part of a European INTERREG IV A France (Channel) – England funded project, Channel MOR, to develop and promote the Marine Renewable Energy sector, is aimed at providing developers, trade organisations, and local authorities with a platform to network and exchange ideas.

It will also include a series of presentations and workshops delivered by industry experts and lecturers from the University on offshore wind maintenance, wave and tidal technologies, and electrical storage. Those attending will be able to contribute to the identification and ranking of innovation spaces within the Channel region.

Dr McKinley added: “This conference will identify new ideas that could improve the performance of energy installations, and offer businesses with an opportunity to break into an increasing important sector for the Channel region.”



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