British Antarctic Survey Select Impact Subsea ISA500


Impact Subsea is pleased to announce the delivery of ISA500 units to the British Antarctic Survey (BAS).

The ISA500 units have been selected to monitor the position of an ice boring tool in the Antarctic hundreds of meters below the surface.

During deployment of the ice boring tool, the ISA500 units measure the distance at multiple points from the tool to the outer bore wall.  This allows the bore diameter to be monitored and regulated during the deployment of the tool.

Chosen for this application due to the ISA500’s small form factor, high accuracy and ability to repeatedly resolve distance measurement to the nearest millimetre.  This enables a very high accuracy positioning solution of the boring tool to be provided.

Commenting on this project, Ben Grant, Managing Director, Impact Subsea ‘The work being conducted by the British Antarctic Survey team highlights the diverse range of applications which the ISA500 unit can fulfil – from ROV Altitude to tool deployment monitoring.

The ISA500 is an underwater Altimeter/Range measurement device which utilises sonar techniques to derive distance measurement. The unit provides a 120 meter range measurement capability with millimetre accuracy.  The ISA500 can optionally be provided with an integrated Attitude & Heading Reference System, providing Heading, Pitch and Roll.

Typically used on underwater vehicles for Altitude measurement, the ISA500 also has uses in the Dredging, Magnetometer, Survey and Asset Monitoring applications.




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