Briggs Marine Orders Dive Control from Pommec


Commercial diving profession requires a variety of tools and equipment to be used in order to ensure safety and efficiency during dive works. Ranging from suits, gears, emergency gas tanks and construction devices.

Surface supplied diving will make use of dive control systems that monitors the divers and provide them with necessary assistance from the surface such as mixed breathing gas.

Pommec BV is one of the leading manufacturers of various diving equipment in Europe. The company also provides custom built dive control systems.

Recently, they have made an arrangement with Briggs Marine for the building of air supply and compressor equipped dive control system. Briggs has already ordered and used a Launch and Recovery Systems (LARS) from the same company before.

Managing Director Rudi Pommé stated, “It has been a challenge to meet all the demands that Briggs Marine made in the design of the system as it is a complete and unique stand-alone dive control, fitted in just a 20ft container. But I like challenges and I am pleased and proud to see another innovative system leaving our workshop.”

Pommec BV not only caters to clients in Europe but their equipment can be found being used by different clients worldwide.


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