Brazil union approves Petrobras strike



RIO DE JANEIRO — Workers with the FUP oil union have approved a plan to hold a five-day nationwide strike against Brazilian federal energy company Petrobras (NYSE: PBR) starting March 23.

FUP intends to shut down production at refineries, terminals and E&P units.

The union wants to receive in one payment its share of profits from 2008 and aims to renegotiate future amounts.

Petrobras submitted a profit-sharing proposal that was lower than in previous years, according to the union.

“Petrobras’ offer is like Robin Hood in reverse: The company wants to take money from the less fortunate to feed the rich,” a FUP spokesperson told BNamericas. “They tried to divide workers, but the union made it clear that we’ll not accept that.”

In addition, the company has not guaranteed protection against layoffs and has not addressed concerns over safety issues, according to the union.

In the latest strike in July 2008, Petrobras implemented a contingency plan and was able to resume oil production on the first day of the stoppage.


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