BP Says Halliburton Should Bear All Costs for Gulf Spill – Bloomberg


BP said all of its costs and damages from the deadly 2010 Gulf of Mexico oil spill and explosion should be paid by Halliburton, Bloomberg News reported Tuesday, citing a court filing.

BP had paid more than $21 billion in cleanup costs and economic damages to individuals, businesses and governments harmed by the spill, Bloomberg said, according to the report to its website.

BP wants Halliburton to pay “the amount of costs and expenses incurred by BP to clean up and remediate the oil spill, the lost profits from and/or diminution in value of the Macondo prospect, and all other costs and damages incurred by BP related to the Deepwater Horizon incident and resulting oil spill,” the report said, based on the filing in a New Orleans court.

BP and Halliburton both accused each other of making mistakes leading to the explosion and death of 11 people. Halliburton says it is indemnified by BP.



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