BP Grounds Super Puma Fleet after North Sea Ditch



After a Super Puma helicopter was ditched into the North Sea en route to an ETAP offshore production platform, BP informed local media that the company has refrained from using this type of helicopter until safety inspections are carried out.

The oil major said that it charters the Super Puma helicopters from Bond Offshore and will, instead, deploy back-up helicopters of another kind while it conducts a review into the use of its Super Puma fleet.

“It was a decision that was taken in light of the incident yesterday,” a BP spokesman said. “We thought it would be prudent not to use them.”

Late Wednesday, the Aberdeen Coastguard responded to an emergency call off the northeast coast of Scotland. Offshore platform workers witnessed the Super Puma helicopter land upright, around 500 meters away from its intended destination, reported local media.

The Aberdeen Coastguard today confirmed that all 18 passengers –16 workers and two crew members — were safely recovered from the accident.




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