Body of Missing Diver Found Off Santa Catalina Island


A commercial diving boat captain reported that one of his divers had gone missing Monday afternoon.

The body of a missing scuba diver has been recovered 100 feet below the surface of the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Santa Catalina Island, sheriff’s department officials said Thursday.

Search and rescue crews scoured the waters near Emerald Cove for two days after a commercial dive boat captain told the U.S. Coast Guard that a diver from his boat had gone missing.

The captain said the diver surfaced from the water Monday afternoon, cried for help and then slipped back underwater.

Search teams from multiple agencies looked for the diver by air, boat and in dive teams.

The identity of the scuba diver has not been released.

Officials said Tuesday afternoon the effort had been shifted from a rescue operation to a recovery mission, as they no longer believe the diver was alive.

Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department dive crews continued the search. The investigation into the diver’s disappearance is on-going.



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