Body found in abandoned mine site search for missing man Ricky Lee Ganly


Police detectives searching for a man who disappeared in suspicious circumstances have found a body in an abandoned mine north-west of Melbourne.

Ricky Lee Ganly, 48, was last seen by his girlfriend at his Deer Park home in April last year.

He said he would return in an hour, but has not been seen since.

Information led detectives to the mine site on Avoca-Dunolly Road near Avoca.

The mine is 20 metres deep and filled with water and was searched by search and rescue divers today.

They found the body in a submerged car.

Efforts are underway to identify the body.

During last year’s National Missing Persons Week, the Australian Federal Police renewed their call for public help to explain Mr Ganly’s disappearance.

They said his phone and bank accounts had not been used since he went missing.



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