Bodies recovered from oil rig chopper crash



    Nine bodies were recovered from the wreckage of the crashed oil rig helicopter off Canada’s coast of Newfoundland – and police said that recovery efforts would continue on Monday, according to Candanian media.

    Those were the latest developments which followed Friday’s frantic search for 16 missing after a heicopter heading for the part StatoilHydro owned Hibernia oil platform hit the freezing waters on Thursday.

    The Hibernia oil patform is located about 200 miles east of St John’s and is owned jointly by StatoilHydro Canada, ExxonMobil Canada, Petro-Canada, Chevron Canada Resources, Murphy Oil and Canada Hibernia Holding Corporation.

    The passengers went misssing about 30 miles off the coast after the chopper reported mechanical problems and then crashed into the waters.

    Bodies come ashore

    Police Sgt. Wayne Newell said the bodies came ashore on board the Atlantic Osprey offshore supply vessel dispatched to bring back as many remains as possible from the crash site.

    A total of 18 people were on the helicopter when it crashed. Ten bodies have been recovered, according to reports and one person survived.

    Early on Monday morning The Osprey was met by emergency service vehicles at the Canadian Coast Guard port and the area was cordoned off.

    Bodies were then carried ashore.

    An emergency services spokesman said the ship will return to the crash site on Monday and attempt to retrieve more bodies before trying to pull up the damaged fuselage of the Sikorsky S-92.

    Lifting workers to platforms

    The chopper crashed into the North Atlantic while it lifted the workers to offshore oil platforms.

    The helicopter had, after going to the Hibernia platform, been scheduled to go to the SeaRose oil platform in the White Rose oil and gas field.

    That platform is operated by Husky Energy and Petro-Canada.


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