Blue Offshore, Caley Deliver Cable Carousel for Nordergründe OWF


    Blue Offshore Marine Services, and Caley Ocean Systems, have supplied a basket carousel to maritime services company Stemat for offshore cable storage for the Nordergründe wind farm.

    Completed in just 10 weeks, from order to delivery, the 2,200Te capacity basket carousel is providing Stemat and VSMC (Visser and Smit Marine Contracting) with a flexible resource for storing, transporting and installing cable offshore.

    Jointly designed and fabricated by Caley Ocean Systems and Blue Offshore, the 18m diameter basket carousel can hold dynamically 2,200 Te of subsea cable. Mounted on the Stemat 91 barge, the carousel uses a modular construction with grillage, enabling it to be readily mobilised to other vessels and barges.

    “Our ability to quickly fabricate, assemble and mobilise the pre-designed basket carousel in less than 4 months was critical. Most of our systems can be built from stock, and with long lead-time components already ordered in anticipation of this kind of project,”commented Blue Offshore Director, Evert-Jan van Wijk.

    Blue Offshore and Caley Ocean Systems have collaborated on a number of cable handling projects, including the world’s largest modular basket carousel with a capacity of 5,000 Te upgradable to 9,000 Te.

    “Companies are increasingly looking to flex their cable handling resources to quickly find additional storage capacity; our joint modular carousel design provides this,” says Gregor McPherson, sales director Caley Ocean Systems. “The carousel can be readily adapted to provide 1,700 Te to 9,000 Te of additional cable storage capacity, ensuring projects avoid unnecessary storage hold-ups.”



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