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Africa Dive Supplies originally started because two divers saw the demand for diving apparel and equipment in South Africa. How did you learn about this demand?

Initially the idea to start Africa Dive Supplies stemmed from personalized clothing that was made for friends who are scuba divers, commercial divers and spear-fishermen.

Realizing this was quite a unique gift idea, we decided to combine it with commercial diving tools and equipment to the same divers who would be wearing the clothing. Commercial divers in South Africa tend to order equipment online with the RSA rand/dollar ratio; buying items in foreign currency isn’t always ideal.

Africa Dive Supplies sells to local divers in local currency, making it more cost-effective to purchase with reduced delivery time.

What types of products did you have when you started Africa Dive Supplies?

Africa Dive Supplies started with the commercial divers apparel range, shirts and golf-shirts with eye-catching slogans such as, “all men are created equal, then a few become divers.” This range was expanded to scuba and spearfishing apparel for men, woman and children.

Unique gift ideas.

How does the combined experience of a commercial diver and scuba diver help contribute to your product lines?

Hans, the commercial diver, has had many years in both the civil and offshore diving industry, bringing in product knowledge that is both useful and directly hands-on. Gaynor, the scuba diver, has always had a love for the ocean and being a diver’s wife, and has firsthand, day-to-day experience of being involved in both the commercial and scuba industries.

Though you started as a shop for South Africans, you’ve expanded to shipping internationally. Where do your customers come from abroad?

Africa Dive Supplies is new to the maritime retail industry, we supply mainly South Africans and other divers from the African continent.

As someone who’s worked in South Africa as a diver, what do you feel the country excels in?

The South African diving community is vast. Generally you will always find a diver from South Africa on most vessels. The diving community is friendly and helpful, which goes hand-in-hand with the beauty of the country. There are many reefs along South Africa’s coastline, with an abundance of sea life, making diving remarkable for both recreational and commercial divers.

How large is your shop where you have your inventory?

Africa Dive Supplies is purely an online store at this stage, however we are working towards having our own store in Durban, South Africa. Apparel is made locally and equipment is ordered upon demand.

What’s one of the major highlights of working in the maritime retail industry?

Equipment and tools for the commercial diving industry are extensive, new technology brings in new ideas and equipment, the products change. Africa Dive Supplies wants to keep on board with all the latest trends in diving tools and work towards an exciting future in maritime retail.

There is never a dull moment in a commercial divers world, when abroad or at home!


– Gaynor, co-owner of Africa Dive Supplies

With diving clothing and specialized equipment, Africa Dive Supplies was started by an experienced commercial diver and scuba diver couple.






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