BGP Explorer to Undertake Multi-Client Seismic Campaign in Australia


Searcher Seismic in cooperation with BGP,  disclosed Wednesday that a major multi-client campaign consisting of three separate surveys totalling 7,767 miles (12,500 kilometers) of 2D data and 218 square miles (566 square kilometers) of 3D data. The BGP Explorer has been contracted to acquire the projects and is scheduled to arrive in Australia in early January to commence the work which is expected to take approximately 5 months.

The two 3D surveys are prospect focused, while the 7,767 miles (12,500 kilometers) 2D is a reconnaissance survey covering both open and held acreage surrounding the recent Phoenix Oil discovery in the Bedout Sub Basin. In addition to the 2D survey, a comprehensive prospectivity study has been commissioned to fast track client’s knowledge in this frontier area.

Rachel Masters, Global Sales Manager for Searcher Seismic, said the 2D survey is the largest Searcher has undertaken in Australian waters and brings Searcher’s newly acquired Australian multi-client 2D library to over 18,461 miles (30,000 kilometers) in total. Masters also commented that the industry is certainly excited following the recent Phoenix South oil discovery and Searcher is pleased to once again be leading the way into these frontier exploration opportunities.



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