Featured Commercial Diver for January – Abel Bembong Gainza Lemos

His winning entry for Best Commercial Diver Photo contest on January


Full name : Abelardo Gainza Lemos
Date of Birth: February 18, 1966
Hometown: Batangas City, Philippines

Mini Bio

A Professional Chief Diver who is currently working at SETE Company, Jeddah KSA (formerly Petrola Int’l) Latsis Group of Companies.  He was a college instructor for Maritime students until he started his career as diver in 1992.

His work as lead diver include all underwater works such as underwater welding and cutting, blackwater contaminated diving of seawater waste treatment plant, underwater construction such as block settings, pipe laying, pile drilling, concrete jacketing, structural beam installation, NDT inspection, marine vessels hull maintenance plugging and cleaning including propeller polishing and scraping, salvage, video and photography, live broadcasting inspection, search and recovery, hydrographic surveying, security underwater sonar and cctv installation.

His winning entry for Best Commercial Diver Photo contest on January
His winning entry for Best Commercial Diver Photo contest on January

According to Abel, his most challenging diving experience was diving in zero visibility.

” A blackwater diving under waste treatment plant, feeling I was alone searching by sense of touch the missing part or damaged pipe that need to be fixed. It was a very difficult job that needs high standard of safety procedure. I was fighting for my life as I must be very careful about leaking my suits and helmets. ” – Abel Lemos

He also added that commercial diving is a noble, challenging profession that requires commitment.  It needs proper training, skills, trust and confidence. Learning to breathe underwater is not everything, you must be aware of your environment and safety precautions.

Moreover, he enjoyed all his awesome experiences working as a commercial diver. He is very grateful to Ramonchito Barretto, Benito Rizo Sr. who first introduced and trained him in the field of underwater works.

Winning this photo contest competition is dedicated to his late father JUN LEMOS.


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