Becoming a Commercial Diver

Previous diving experience is not required to start a career in commercial diving since a diver will undergo training to become certified. Getting a job abroad is also fairly easy since many countries do not have qualified commercial divers. Most diving certifications are internationally recognized. However, there are some certifications, from certain schools, that may not qualify someone to work in specific industries or countries.

It is important that a diver chooses the area he or she would like to focus on since the requirements may vary depending on the branch of commercial diving one wants to focus on. Generally, to become a qualified diver, one must know how to swim, pass a physical examination, and learn basic math and communication skills.

One must be ready to undergo rigorous training, especially those who are going to train for offshore and HAZMAT diving. Aside from physical training, expect to spend a lot of time in the classroom learning things like basic gas laws as well as decompression tables. First aid classes are also taught to make sure divers know how to deal with diving-related injuries. Media divers must be flexible to capture unexpected moments underwater. They must also be ready to deal with extreme changes in weather and other factors that can make their stay underwater challenging.





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