AWE Continues Drilling at Pateke-4H Well in PMP 38158 Off New Zealand


    AWE Limited reported that as at 06:00 hours (6:00 a.m. NZST) Tuesday, the Pateke-4H development well in petroleum mining permit (PMP) 38158 off New Zealand, including the sidetrack section, was at a measured depth of 13,395 feet (4,083 meters) with the 9.625 inch casing successfully installed and cemented to a depth of 12,037 feet (3,669 meters). Preparations are under way for the drilling of the next interval using an 8.5 inch drilling assembly to drill horizontally through the reservoir section to a planned measured depth of 17,588 feet (5,361 meters).

    The Kapuni F10 sandstone objective has already been intersected on prognosis with oil shows and real time logging measurements indicating the likely presence of an oil bearing reservoir. The commercial significance of the oil shows will not be clear until the horizontal drilling is completed and the reservoir size and quality is fully assessed.

    The Pateke-4H development well is in PMP 38158 and AWE is the Operator. Located in the offshore Taranaki Basin, New Zealand, PMP 38158 contains the Tui, Amokura and Pateke fields and has been producing since 2007.

    Pateke-4H is targeting a mapped northern extension of the currently producing Pateke field. The well is being drilled in water depth of approximately 406 feet (124 meters) with a planned total measured depth of 17,588 feet (5,361 meters), including a 4,173 feet (1,272 meters) horizontal section. If successful, the well will be completed for subsequent tie-back to the Tui FPSO (Umuroa) for production in 2015.

    The Joint Venture partners in PMP 38158 are:

    • AWE Limited (via subsidiaries) (Operator): 57.5 percent
    • New Zealand Oil & Gas (via subsidiaries): 27.5 percent
    • Pan Pacific Petroleum (via subsidiaries): 15.0 percent



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