AOG’s Flexible Jumpers for Chevron’s North Sea Alder Project


Chevron North Sea Limited has awarded Airborne Oil & Gas a contract for multiple high pressure flexible jumpers for the Alder project.

These flexible jumpers will be the first thermoplastic composite pipes to be used in the UK North Sea. Chevron has contributed to the development of thermoplastic composite risers through participation in a Joint Industry Project formed in 2009.

“The Thermoplastic Composite Pipe technology provides benefits in offshore flowline, jumper and spool applications,” says Bart Steuten MSc, Business Development manager.

“The TCP does not corrode, is lightweight and avoids metrology, reducing installation cost significantly. We supply offshore flowlines up to 3000 meters per spool which, combined with fast installation and effective on-bottom stability measures, reduce total installed cost for the operator. The lack of corrosion further reduces maintenance cost and ensures asset integrity.”

The jumpers will be delivered to Chevron early next year and be installed in summer 2015.



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