Aker Wayfarer Arrives to Myklebust Verft for Modification


Kleven welcomed Aker Wayfarer to its Myklebust Verft yard this morning, where the modification of the vessel is set to take place.

The vessel will be modified in order to become a deepwater subsea equipment support vessel, enabling it to install and retrieve subsea trees and modules, including subsea structures and manifolds.

With 157 meters in length and 27 meters in width, Aker Wayfarer will be the largest vessel that has been in dock at Myklebust Verft, according to the company’s social media.

The modification work will cost approximately USD 90 million and will be funded by Ocean Yield.

The Aker Wayfarer is due to begin operations on a 5+5 year charter awarded by Petrobras after completion of the modification work scheduled for 2016.








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