AirAsia Plane’s Fuselage Located


The National Search and Rescue Agency (BASARNAS) Republic of Indonesia has confirmed to have located the fuselage of QZ8501 with dimensions of approximately 30x10x3 meters and with one wing still attached to it, in the second focused primary area.

The discovery of the fuselage was in 3000 meters from the point of discovery of the tail, or about 800 meters from the discovery of VDR (Voice Data Recorder).

The confirmation followed the visual confirmation captured by a SAR vessel’s Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) showing the main wreckage of QZ 8501 aircraft as well as the right wing on the seafloor of the Java Sea. Sea divers from SAR team are being deployed for recovery operations.

It is so so sad though seeing our aircraft. I’m gutted and devastated. But hopefully we can find the rest of plane and put closure for families, AirAsia CEO, Tony Fernandes, said on his twitter.

In addition, BASARNAS also confirmed to have recovered two additional passengers’ remains which were located near Sembilan Island, approximately 70 miles southwest from Kota Baru, South Borneo. The two remains will be transported to Pangkalan Bun and then to Bhayangkara Hospital in Surabaya for identification.

To date, BASARNAS has confirmed to have recovered a total of 50 remains of which 38 have been identified by DVI POLRI.



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