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Diving Careers: Wreck Salvage Diving

April 19, 2016

Yesterday’s post in our 4-part Scuba Diving Careers series featured NASA diving, one of the more extreme options in the bunch. Today we’re taking a look at wreck salvage diving. There are a few different facets to this profession. Some scuba pros work as recovery divers who step in to help unlucky sailors get a sunken vessel… Continue Reading »


How To Get A Job As A Commercial Hardhat Diver

April 14, 2016

Hardhat divers earn good money but work long hours in dangerous conditions. You should first know the risks. Commercial diving or hardhat diving is one of the world’s most challenging and dangerous professions. Honestly it is not for everybody but for those that are able to complete a commercial divers course and are able to… Continue Reading »


Professional diving

April 6, 2016

Professional diving: Procedural aspects The primary distinction between professional and recreational diving is that the recreational diver is responsible primarily for his/her own actions and safety but may voluntarily accept limited responsibility for dive buddies, whereas the professional diver is part of a team of people with extensive responsibilities and obligations to each other and… Continue Reading »


Types of Underwater Welding

April 4, 2016

The process of welding, at high pressure environments is referred to as Hyperbaric Welding. This one is the situation when we are going to weld under water. There are two methods to conduct underwater welding; dry (inside the dry safe chambers) referred to as dry hyperbaric welding procedure and wet (welding in presence of water)… Continue Reading »


Underwater Welder Career Facts

March 29, 2016

An underwater welder is a professional who does the welding work on structures which are submerged, in water, or are underwater. Underwater welding is one of the important technologies used for repairing marine structures. Underwater welders should have good diving skills and a certification for carrying out welding work. Welders who want to start career… Continue Reading »



March 27, 2016

What do Inland Divers Do? When a bridge, dam, pier, hydroelectric plant, shipyard or underwater cabling has to be repaired or maintained, a water tank needs cleaning, or you need to haul a gruesome corpse from the bottom of a lake, who you gonna call? Inland divers! The USA is covered in rivers and lakes which have… Continue Reading »


What Is An Underwater Welder?

March 24, 2016

An Underwater Welder uses many common arc welding processes to weld and cut in a wide range of aquatic environments. They must use their welding know-how and intricate knowledge of diving procedures and protocol to effectively lay down strong welds, often in tight spaces and less-than-forgiving surroundings. Hyperbaric chambers and cofferdams are used for dry… Continue Reading »


Welding Jobs – Exploring Underwater Welding

March 22, 2016

Today the Job Mail team not only talks about welding jobs, but underwater welding jobs, giving you an overview of what this profession entails, what type of qualifications you will need and what type of work environments you can expect. Ready to dive into the whole new world of underwater welding? Underwater Welding Jobs Underwater… Continue Reading »


About commercial diving

March 18, 2016

A commercial diver is a professional or tradesman who works underwater. Commercial divers can be rescuers, photographers, building and construction workers, they inspect and maintain aquaculture facilities, inspect ships and bridges and install and maintain offshore facilities in the North Sea. The jobs a commercial diver might carry out vary tremendously, and the diving itself… Continue Reading »

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