Commercial Diver


How saturation diving is embracing safety

April 11, 2016

Good news for commercial diving contractors: the saturation diving industry is changing, and it could be for the benefit of safer divers. The latest issue of Underwater Magazine featured an in-depth look at the changes coming to SAT diving. According to experienced diver Mike Brown, comfort and security have increased as divers gained access to more technology. While… Continue Reading »


Commercial Diving

April 8, 2016

By TY SAWYER Jim Hegeman works in a high paying world few of us will ever know-the often dim, cold waters of commercial diving. He has rescued and repaired cruise ships run aground off Alaska, done time in the oil fields off the coast of California, retrofitted dams in Washington so salmon could return to… Continue Reading »


Underwater Welding – Guide To Schools and Jobs

April 7, 2016

Underwater welding is currently considered to be a lucrative, in-demand, high-paying and rewarding career. Those considering embarking upon this profession should understand that welding underwater requires an intensive combination of skills and training. In order to be hired as an underwater welder, you must not only be a certified welder, but you must also be… Continue Reading »


Jobs: Saturation Diver, Hazmet Divers and other Diving jobs!

April 6, 2016

Saturation Diver Are you the type of person who’s up for challenges? You might consider becoming a Saturation Diver. These deep-sea or saturation divers breathe a combination of oxygen and helium at 164-300 feet below sea level in very hazardous conditions. Saturation Divers are bold and fearless people with extraordinary abilities to work on scientific research,… Continue Reading »


Professional diving

April 6, 2016

Professional diving: Procedural aspects The primary distinction between professional and recreational diving is that the recreational diver is responsible primarily for his/her own actions and safety but may voluntarily accept limited responsibility for dive buddies, whereas the professional diver is part of a team of people with extensive responsibilities and obligations to each other and… Continue Reading »


The Vital Importance of Dive Tenders

April 5, 2016

True or False? Commercial diving is a solitary job. False. Commercial divers are never alone! Even if a commercial diver is the only person in the water, he or she is never alone. For every commercial diver in the water, there are three additional people on the surface: two dive tenders, and one backup diver… Continue Reading »


The Underwater Centre Adds New Modules to Diving Courses

April 4, 2016

The Underwater Centre has added new modules to its commercial air diving courses. The ‘Premium’ and ‘Construction’ diver training packages will now include commercial enriched air nitrox course, MJI 21 hydraulically tensioned subsea bolted connections course, IMCA diver medic training (DMT) and IMCA assistant life support technician (ALST) training. Steve Ham, The Underwater Centre’s Commercial Director, said: “These courses are… Continue Reading »


Following the latest best salvage practices

April 2, 2016

As a professional salvage company, it’s good to abide by the most current industry standards for proper practice. It may be better, however, to constantly be on the lookout for ways to improve. The American Salvage Association includes this as one of their “salvage safety standards.” Members are encouraged to not just be safe, but… Continue Reading »

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