Featured Female Commercial Diver – Magali Côté

March 14, 2014

Here’s an amazing story from the winner of Best Commercial Diving Photo Contest for February. We hope that her story, work attitude, and skills featured on this post would  inspire our readers.


Name: Magali Côté
Age: 29 years old
Home town: Golden BC, Canada

How she became a Commercial Diver?

Her dad used to have an old school scuba diving equipment and she was wearing the wet-suit for fun all the time. She spent pretty much all her summers in her parents swimming pool when she was young.

At age 17,  she started scuba diving and she always had physical jobs using tools. When she heard about commercial diving she thought that it would be the best job for her. In 2009, she became a commercial diver.

Her winning entry for Best Commercial Diving Photo Contest

Her winning entry for Best Commercial Diving Photo Contest

Work Experiences

Magali worked mostly inshore, doing construction, maintenance, inspection and repair on different submerged structures, mostly in black and cold water.

She has experiences working on the following:

  • Big concrete rehabilitation projects, cofferdam installation, pouring concrete, rebar
  • Epoxy injection
  • Work on dams, bridges ships and wharfs
  • Installation and maintenance of dopplers and sensors for Hydro-Québec
  • Installation of different equipment on the seabed, using rods and heavy hydraulic tools
  • Cathodic protection and anodes installation using wet welding
  • Wet welding and Cutting experience burning BROCO and other brands of underwater electrodes
  • Operated many kinds of hydraulic and pneumatic tools, such as rivet busters, concrete drill, jack hammer, Air lift, water jet, pumps and other equipment to dig
  • NDT inspection using Cygnus technology
  • Confident using come along, chain block, slings, air bags and other rigging equipment

Amazingly, she also an IMCA Diver medical Technician, Kirby Morgan Dive Systems Inc. Technician, Journeyman Welder (dry) and Millwright apprentice.

Currently, she is working as a Millwright welder in Canada and looking for future diving jobs offshore.

Most challenging experience/s as a diver:

I can’t really think of one specific challenging experience, I think all my dive were memorable, because I was doing what I like the most.

Although, there was this job, when I had to do an inspection and clean up in a water intake on a big pump house. I had to climb down a high latter, and let go in the water so I’d get suck onto the debris grill so I could go all the way down. There was probably 50 GIANT sturgeons in there, stuck by the current, and I could only see them when they were one centimeter close to my face because of the opaque white colored water. I had to spend the entire dive removing the huge fishes stuck on the pump hose so I can clean up the bottom of this little space. THEN, crawl back up on the grill (still sucked on it), and climb all the way back to the platform on this latter. The diving foreman for this company I was working with at the moment told me it was the “official test”. A test to see if a diver would be able to have a diving carrier or not! hahaha I passed the test.” – Magali Côté

She chose this profession because it combines everything she likes such as challenge, physical, water and tools.

I really like working alone and have some specific tasks to accomplish alone, just like top-side welding, alone behind my welding shield, but I am also a very good TEAM worker at the surface, and enjoy the sense of humour of man and working with them.

I like the silence underwater and the sound the bubbles make when I breathe out. I like the first breath I take when they clip my hardhat on my neck dam. ” – she added.

Her Tips for Fellow and Future Commercial Divers:

Never stopped learning and earning new skills. Every work experience is related and will be useful at some point.

"I am a tradesperson and I love my job!"

“I am a tradesperson and I love my job!”

Watch out our next post about  Featured Commercial Diver for March. We hope to share more of real life stories of commercial divers.




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