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Diver Exploits: Training in South Africa, Brian Sets His Sights Internationally

April 3, 2016

In 2011 when I was in grade 10, I was doing my technical subject in the workshops at school. I was in the mechanical class doing some saw cutting and welding on metal pipes. My teacher and I were discussing about my future life, so he began briefing me about a field called underwater welding… Continue Reading »


Under pressure: my job as a deep sea saturation diver

March 17, 2016

For saturation diver Sam Archer, exploring the world’s oceans is a childhood dream come true. He reveals the perks and perils of working in the deep end. We’re the guys who live in a chamber for a month at a time and go to work in a diving bell. Saturation divers work deep underwater undertaking… Continue Reading »


Retired SBCC Faculty Member Mike Von Alvensleben Inducted Into Commercial Diving Hall of Fame

March 13, 2016

Santa Barbara City College’s Marine Diving Technology Department has announced that retired faculty member Mike Von Alvensleben has been inducted into the Commercial Diving Hall of Fame at the recent Association of Diving Contractors annual convention in New Orleans, La.    A former commercial diver and member of the U.S. Navy UDT/SEAL Team 12, Von Alvensleben began… Continue Reading »


Diving deep into danger

February 26, 2016

MARK Veal is literally seconds away from exploding into tiny pieces every time he goes to work. As a saturation diver, he spends month-long shifts cramped into high-pressure hyperbaric chambers with eight to 12 other men. He hasn’t been blown apart yet, obviously, but the threat is ever present. “Yeah, there’s a risk,” Mark, 41,… Continue Reading »


What I’ve Learned: The Deep Sea Diver

January 10, 2016

Flying in a chopper to remote parts of the British Isles, boarding a dive boat and going 20m from the sea bed for 28 days is second nature to Sam Archer. He tells Esquire about the danger, dolphins and near misses. Saturation diver Sam Archer spends one month out of every three 20m above the… Continue Reading »


Veterans not out of their league under the sea

November 24, 2015

After Matt Molina had finished his four years in the Air Force, he wasn’t quite sure what he wanted to do next. He went back to school for a bit. Then got a steady job as a heating, ventilation and air conditioning specialist. “It was a good job, but I was super bored,” the former… Continue Reading »


The Antithesis of Underwater Welding: Underwater Burning

October 13, 2015

I had always wanted to be an astronaut. Who didn’t right? That was the ultimate adventure, not to mention the fact that one got to wear a cool space suit and work with some very outlandish equipment. When I found out I was blind as a bat however, that little fantasy of mine came to… Continue Reading »


Diver Exploits: Welding Skills, Grandfather’s Impact & CDA Technical

September 11, 2015

I grew up welding. My grandfather taught me every in and out of it, along with many other things. From Heavy Metal to Combat I graduated high school in 2010 then went straight into the Army. I was a combat infantryman and I was part of Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF). When I came home I got… Continue Reading »


Diver jailed for Southend shipwreck cannon fraud

September 7, 2015

A commercial diver has been jailed for two years after removing three cannon from a 17th Century shipwreck and fraudulently selling them for £46,000. Vincent Woolsgrove, 48, from Ramsgate in Kent, admitted fraud in July after originally claiming the weapons were found in international waters. He later admitted he had recovered them from the wreck… Continue Reading »


Diver Exploits: From Welding to the Waves

August 24, 2015

I don’t have any experience in the diving industry, although I am attending Divers Institute of Technology (DIT) to get the experience and certifications. As far as the construction industry goes, I have one full year of welding, and one year of electrical experience. I consider myself both a risk-taker and an explorer.   But I assess every… Continue Reading »

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